woensdag 12 november 2014

Hi there - I am back

Hi there, I haven't been posting for a while. Last week I got new windows and doors and my house looked like a building site. And all my art supplies were stored somewhere. I could not find anything, I even could not locate my sketchbook ;-). But now the dust has settled and I cleaned my whole house twice, so I should have some time to create again. I am really looking forward to it!

Before the building activities started I participated in the WDE (Weekend Drawing Event) on Wetcanvas. One of the reference images was of a lovely dog. The background is painted red as a tribute to Dean Haven (deano), one of our weekly participants and part of our WDE family, who sadly passed away recently. He always started his weekly painting with a red underpainting. He would have been proud to see all these red underpainted paintings this week!

I used red gouache for the underpainting, the dog is painted/drawn with pastel pencils. In my A4 Moleskine watercolor journal. 

And for the monthly challenge in the Animal forum (Fur, feathers and scales challenge), here is my contribution to the October challenge. It was something I wanted to try for a while. I ripped out a page of a tanned journal and glued it in my sketchbook. I drew the goldfish with a black Pitt pen and a white pen. And finished it with a little bit of rubber stamping. I like the effect!