vrijdag 29 maart 2013

New ATC's for the Easter athon and WetCanvas

Yesterday the ATC Easter athon started at www.atcsforall.com. I have been making several collaged / mixed media ATC's already. Today I took out my watercolor paints and painted 2 ATC's. One (the zinnia) is for the WetCanvas Weekend Drawing Event and the anemone was painted using an old reference. I love how these two turned out. I am keeping the anemone ATC for myself ;-).

dinsdag 26 maart 2013

New journal page

This week I started with a new art journal, my Strathmore mixed media journal is almost full and I want to show this journal to some students that will participate in my art journaling workshop. I want to show the thickness of the paper, but this means I cannot work in it anymore...

BUT what a great excuse to start a new art journal :-). This art journal is 18 x 18 cm, with a spiral binding. The paper is not very thick, but with a little gesso it works fine. I have been making some backgrounds and today I finished the first pages. Fly fly little wing, fly beyond imagining (from the Celine Dion song).

maandag 18 maart 2013

Nieuwe workshop en nieuwe data!

Nieuwe workshop
Er is een nieuwe workshop: in één avond maken we een ATC (Artist Trading Card) van polymer klei. De workshop is gepland op donderdagavond 16 mei 2013.

Nieuwe data
De workshop Mixed Media Canvas is op donderdagavond 27 juni 2013 en de workshop Mozaiek met klei-tegeltjes op zondag 23 juni 2013.

Kijk op kittysartencrafts.nl voor meer informatie.

zondag 17 maart 2013

Playing in the St. Patricks Day athon today!

Today I have been making several ATC's for the St. Patricks Day athon on atcsforall.com. And made some chunkies for a swap. I also made a few polymer clay tiles for a new mosaic I am working on. It will be a 25 x 25 cm piece. I will show it when it's ready ;-). It has been a very creative day!

vrijdag 15 maart 2013

Workshop Mosaic with polymer clay tiles

Yesterday was the evening of the workshop Mosaic with polymer clay. There were 6 students in the class, all of them made a lovely mosaic panel with handmade polymer clay tiles. We created the tiles with clay, pictures, mica powders, embellishments, paint, etc. It was great fun! The panels are 15 x 15 cms canvasboards.

(Sorry for the picture of Mariella's work, I cannot seem to get it uploaded as it is... it is on it's side). Any tips are welcome.

This mosaic is made by José

This mosaic is made by Mariëlla

This mosaic is made by Karen

dinsdag 12 maart 2013

New Mixed Media video on YouTube!

I just uploaded another Mixed media techniques video on YouTube. In this video I show you have to make lovely mixed media backgrounds with butterflies. Check it out!

maandag 11 maart 2013

Cards with my Swallowtail stamp

Remember that I bought the Swallowtail stamp from Stampin Up two weeks ago? Today I made some greeting cards with this beautiful stamp. I stamped with embossing ink on cardstock and used clear embossing powder for the orange card and a copper embossing powder for the other one. Then I spray the cards with Dylusions ink. I Love how they turned out! I am going to make someone really happy when they receive a card like this!

zondag 10 maart 2013

ATCs for the Postage stamp athon

This weekend I have been making ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) for the Postage Stamp a-thon on atcsforall.com. The only requirement was that you would use at least one postage stamp in your artwork. I made some mixed media collaged ATC's.

zaterdag 9 maart 2013

Fish art journal page

Two new pages in my art journal. I started with covering the pages with gesso and adding acrylic paint when the gesso was still wet. With my fingers... Anyone who knows me will raise their eyebrows. I am the only person they know who eats chicken with knive and fork. So, ok, I do not like to get me hands dirty... except when I am working with pastel. But anyway, I did paint with my fingers to created the effect I wanted for these pages. And with pressing my finger into the paint and stamping with my finger I made these lovely oval shapes.

The background reminded me of an underwater world. I went to look for some fish pictures on my computer and printed a few bigger and a few smaller ones. I collaged 'weed' and the fishes and went to look for a 'fish quote'. I finished the page with some shading, some white dots and the quote of course!

woensdag 6 maart 2013

Two totally different art journal pages

The last few days I have been working on two totally different pages in my art journal. The bright one is made with scraping several bright colors on the pages. Then I made some cirkels with white gesso and made flowers out of the cirkels. Finished with some colors, shading and lettering. Oh and the white dots are made with a Posca white pen (love this paint pen!!).

The second page is made with rubber stamping as a border, a light wash with Neocolors II and with a collaged cup. Finished with some ink and stencils and lettering.

zondag 3 maart 2013

Such a lovely day

The inspiration for this page in my art journal came from the text on a piece of scrapbook paper 'such a lovely day'. I searched the internet and found a lovely poem from Haripada Halder:

When the night breaks
to hug morning light
the first ray gives me
a wonderful sight
A transparent world
appears to say
get up dear
have a good day!

And I wish you all a beautiful day!

zaterdag 2 maart 2013

Journal pages with my new stamp.. ;-)

I made 2 journal pages with my new Swallowtail butterfly stamp from Stampin Up! I created the background with different kind of papers, gesso, Neocolors II and some circle stamps. Then added the stamped butterflies and the text. The text: 'Fly, fly, little wing, Fly beyond imagining' comes from a song from Celine Dion. I has been playing in my head since I ordered the butterfly stamp ;-).

vrijdag 1 maart 2013

So happy with my new stamp!

OOOHHHH, I saw a video on YouTube with a big butterfly stamp from Stampin Up and I knew I had to get one. I actually thought that we did not have a reseller in the Netherlands, but we do. And of course I ordered the Swallowtail stamp right away. It arrived yesterday and I am making some lovely things with it, I will show you pictures later ;-). In the meantime you have to do with a picture of the stamp.