zondag 25 januari 2015

Painting for the WDE Weekend Drawing Event

This weekend I have been painting for the WDE Weekend Drawing Event on WetCanvas. I you never participated, it is a great way to get some more practice into your busy life. Every Friday a host will publish 16 images and you can do with them whatever you want. Paint, draw, sketch, collage, crop, abstract etc. There are a lot more forums, in which you can post your paintings, or participate in monthly challenges. Check it out!

This week I printed a few images, the first one from the afternoon tea. I used the afternoon tea image to create this entry in my Stillman and Birn sketchbook, with pen and watercolors.

And then I moved on to a marvelous image of a porch, with an umbrella stand, boots and scattered shoes. I loved it. I painted this one on a 'scrap' piece of watercolor paper, with pen and watercolors. The size is 7 1/2" x 12 1/4".

And then I can finally share 2 ATC's that I painted for the WetCanvas animals ATC project. You create the ATC's, send them to the recipients and when they receive it, you can finally share your image. These are the first 2 that have arrived on their final destination, there are about 10 more in the mail.
And the great thing is, that you receive all these lovely pieces of art back in return!

The reference images for the goats and the pig came from PaintMyPhoto.

zaterdag 17 januari 2015

Happy in my new artroom

I am so happy with my new artroom. A dedicated space instead of me working at the dinner table. I am almost done, I still need to move in all my stuff, but I already started painting in my new room. I even bought a daylight lamp so I can even paint at night. Love it!

I watched a video on Artistsnetwork.tv on how to paint portraits in watercolors. Loved the video, and it gave me some good (new) tips and reminders. ONE: have patience....pfff, and let the paint dry in between layers. This is the most diffiucult thing for me... This portrait of Valri was painted for the WDE on WetCanvas. I started with several of very thin layers, letting the layers dry completely before continuing. I do love the effect, but lost some patience at the end and put in more colors :-).

And in my new art room I am painting ATC's for a trading project I am in. I can not give you more details.... topsecret.... as we are not supposed to show the ATC's before the recipient receives them. But I am having fun!

zondag 4 januari 2015

Painting ACEO's and sketching

Happy New Year to all of you!

Even though my new art room is not finished yet.... getting there.... I dug out my paints from the boxes and started. I missed it so much, not good for my health. And probably also not good for the people around me :-).

I started last week with painting some ACEO's and ATC's (some reference photos are from PaintMyPhoto).

And this weekend I participated in the WDE (Weekend Drawing Event) on WetCanvas. I first did a sketch of a pelican in my Toned Gray Strathmore journal.

And then moved on to a watercolor portrait of a lovely Mexican guy. I hoped to keep the colors fresh and tackle the shadows... but I made mud again... I would love to paint more watercolor portraits this year... keep on practising.

And as bonus I painted street musicians in Prague. I took the photo in 2011 but never got around painting it. But here it is, in my Moleskine watercolor journal.