zaterdag 9 maart 2013

Fish art journal page

Two new pages in my art journal. I started with covering the pages with gesso and adding acrylic paint when the gesso was still wet. With my fingers... Anyone who knows me will raise their eyebrows. I am the only person they know who eats chicken with knive and fork. So, ok, I do not like to get me hands dirty... except when I am working with pastel. But anyway, I did paint with my fingers to created the effect I wanted for these pages. And with pressing my finger into the paint and stamping with my finger I made these lovely oval shapes.

The background reminded me of an underwater world. I went to look for some fish pictures on my computer and printed a few bigger and a few smaller ones. I collaged 'weed' and the fishes and went to look for a 'fish quote'. I finished the page with some shading, some white dots and the quote of course!