zondag 25 oktober 2015

Last summer sun in Greece

Last week I was on Samos, an island in Greece, near Turkey. To soak up the last summer sun. The temperature was really nice, with lots of sunshine. My sister and I rented a great villa near Phytagorion with views on the sea and the coast of Turkey.

View from our villa

One of the churches we past on our trips and a visit to the Archeological Museum in Vathi - Samos city

A view of Kokkari

Cappuccino in Kokkari

View from our villa, the mountains of Turkey in the early morning fog

A monastery in the hills, and old remains in Phytagorion

And a tasty grilled sea-bream for lunch

And now we are back home again, autumn is here and the summer time has ended. Time to go back to work!