zondag 4 december 2016

Sketching the Louwman museum

Yesterday I went with a group of Urban Sketchers to the Louwman museum in The Hague. It is too cold to sketch outside and we looked for an indoor location. The Louwman museum is great! They have a beautiful collection of classic cars and the staff is really nice and welcoming. We stayed all afternoon, sketching, drinking coffee and talk.

I made a lot of sketches, I love that place!!

I started with a continious line drawing. Just a few minutes. I love how loose the drawing is.

The original model of this car had a larger hood, but it didn't fit my paper ;-)

A Gregoire 12/14 HP Coupé de Voyage, I loved the turquoise color!

A quick sketch of the Cord L-29 Carbriolet

A double decker omnibus. I love all the adds on the front, sides and back. With stairs to climb and find a seat on the roof.

And... of course a Bugatti. Lovely little car.