dinsdag 6 mei 2014

A new year, new business, new opportunities....

It was my birthday yesterday. And also the start of a new exciting phase in my life. Most people are probably not aware that I am a freelance project manager in my daily life. I am managing large ERP implementations (Finance and/or tax related, i.e. project managing implementations of Finance and/or accounting systems, tax engines, consolidation software, etc) at large multinational companies.

And .. that I combine this life with the creative part of me. I also own a creative business, teaching workshops in the Netherlands and creating and selling my art work on Etsy etc. I have been thinking for a while, on what I want to do with this business and where I want to go. And during this time of considerations, I received an email on how to create beautiful online programs. Mmm... you can call it luck. I think it is an answer to one of my questions :-). I attended the webinar and enrolled in the program. So the next coming weeks I will be learning on how to create beautiful online programs. I will keep you updated on my progress.