donderdag 25 december 2014

Merry Christmas!

Yesterday evening, on Christmas Eve, I was sitting on my sofa with a glass of red wine and I felt really happy. I was thinking about the past year, I was thinking about my friends and family,  the trips I made to Spain, Greece and my 6 weeks stay in the US. The short trips and weekends away with my friends and sister. The time I was able to spend on art and creating, the new techniques I tried and the new things I learned. Yes, I feel extremely content with this year. I hope next year will be great as well, I hope your next year will be as great as mine!

And then I woke up on Christmas Day and checked my Facebook messages. Beside lots of messages from my FB friends (some I have met, some are great FB friends, but all precious to me), I see that Cloth Paper Scissors has used my Mixed Media Santa in their Christmas message and article on their blog. What a great gift!!! So much to be grateful for.