zondag 4 januari 2015

Painting ACEO's and sketching

Happy New Year to all of you!

Even though my new art room is not finished yet.... getting there.... I dug out my paints from the boxes and started. I missed it so much, not good for my health. And probably also not good for the people around me :-).

I started last week with painting some ACEO's and ATC's (some reference photos are from PaintMyPhoto).

And this weekend I participated in the WDE (Weekend Drawing Event) on WetCanvas. I first did a sketch of a pelican in my Toned Gray Strathmore journal.

And then moved on to a watercolor portrait of a lovely Mexican guy. I hoped to keep the colors fresh and tackle the shadows... but I made mud again... I would love to paint more watercolor portraits this year... keep on practising.

And as bonus I painted street musicians in Prague. I took the photo in 2011 but never got around painting it. But here it is, in my Moleskine watercolor journal.