zondag 8 februari 2015

Sketching cows

I visit the website from PaintMyPhoto almost every week. On this site people share their photo's for artists to use in their paintings.

This week I fell in love with a lovely image from Bonnie Sitter. She shared her cows image with us, with the appropriate title 'Beauty contest'. Bonnie also kindly sent me some more cow and sheep images by email, to use in next sketches and/or paintings. Bonnie's website can be found here.

I used this photo for several quick sketches with my Tombow markers and a waterbrush in my Moleskine watercolor journal (A4 size). I love the Tombow marker, the ink can be activated with water and will create lovely washes. Not to be used for the small details, as the tips are quit big. Someone told me about the Elegant writer pens from Speedball, but unfortunately I have not yet been able to find them in the Netherlands. They might have to wait till my next visit to the US... Or I can ask one of my US friends to order them for me. I would love to try them.

with black Tombow

with purple Tombow

first sketch in black

in black, love the cow with attitude on the left