zaterdag 16 november 2013

San Francisco in Mixed Media - finish

This morning I finished my Mixed Media painting of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco holds sweet memories for me and this is actually one of the first paintings I painted just for me.

I will show you the last stages of the painting. I corrected the pillars of the bridge and the background last time and added more collage to the piece. The first thing I did this morning was to paint the left side of the pillars with yellow and glazing medium. And I painted the rocks in the background.

Then I used more orange and red with the glazing medium. I worked on the bridgde and the pillars under the bridge.

I added some more shading under the rocks in the background and to the bridge. Then I declared this painting FINISHED! I love it ;-). When the painting is completely dry I will put a layer of gel medium on top to varnish the painting.

This is a detail of the background, with the rocks made from different kind of collage and textured papers, paint and glazing medium.

And a new background is already waiting for me.... ;-)

Thanks for watching and your lovely comments along the way!