donderdag 28 augustus 2014

Painting, walking and sight-seeing

I started with some small paintings in my handmade watercolor journal 5 1/2" x 7 1/2". First I made a watercolor painting using a reference image I took at the Santa Cruz arboretum last Sunday.

Then I created a watercolor of Pacific Grove. This is a very typical landscape/seascape in PG, rocks, the ocean, purple flowers and some cypresses.

And a watercolor of the little beach at Lovers Point.

Today I went to the Monterey aquarium. I walked thru Pacific Grove and took the recreation trail along the coast to the aquarium. The cottage I rent has 2 annual passes to the aquarium, which makes it easier to go only for a limited time. I visited a few exhibits, gazed at the giant octopus.... and went to 2 films/shows in the auditorium. One was about deep sea creatures (I saw some strange animals I never ever saw before) and a lovely story about Luna, one of the sea otters rescued by the aquarium.

I did bring my sketchbook, but it stayed in my bag. It was crowded and not so easy to find a quiet spot. But I took some photo's, maybe I will turn one into a painting.

Walking back I spotted many harbor seals resting on the beach, some seals resting on rocks and I did see a few sea otters today. The weather is perfect as well. This has been a great day!