zaterdag 17 januari 2015

Happy in my new artroom

I am so happy with my new artroom. A dedicated space instead of me working at the dinner table. I am almost done, I still need to move in all my stuff, but I already started painting in my new room. I even bought a daylight lamp so I can even paint at night. Love it!

I watched a video on on how to paint portraits in watercolors. Loved the video, and it gave me some good (new) tips and reminders. ONE: have patience....pfff, and let the paint dry in between layers. This is the most diffiucult thing for me... This portrait of Valri was painted for the WDE on WetCanvas. I started with several of very thin layers, letting the layers dry completely before continuing. I do love the effect, but lost some patience at the end and put in more colors :-).

And in my new art room I am painting ATC's for a trading project I am in. I can not give you more details.... topsecret.... as we are not supposed to show the ATC's before the recipient receives them. But I am having fun!