donderdag 4 september 2014

More watercolor sketches from California

Monday, on my walk to Monterey I passed the Hopkins Marine research center. It is near to the Monterey aquarium and has a lovely secluded beach. The beach belongs to the research center and on the beach were many harbor seal resting, but when I painted the scene I left the seals out. 

I walked around in Monterey, it was very crowded due to Labor Day. I sat outside at Ghiradelli's and had a marvelous chocolate milkshake. And had a lovely talk with a couple from Marina, they were also enjoying the view, the weather and a great milkshake.

Next on my list was a visit to the Mission in Carmel. It is now Tuesday and the weather is not as nice as the days before. The clouds haven't moved anywhere.... and it looks like it is going to rain. Perfect day for a visit to the mission. I sketched the mission in my sketchbook onsite (with pencil) and added the pen and wash later at home.

and I created a little watercolor painting in my handmade watercolor journal from the reference images I took.

Most days I take either a walk or a drive along the coast. There is a beautiful scenic drive just around the corner, leading to Asilomar. There are lots of dunes at Asilomar and a great big beach. Watercolor sketches in my journal.

And lots a birds, and seagulls! This one posing patiently til I was done with my sketch. In pen and watercolor pencil.

It is already Thursday today. Time to think what I am going to do this weekend. On Sunday I am meeting a local drawing/painting group and we head out to Big Sur to do some sketching and painting. Looking forward to that! And I need to get prepared for my sister to come. She will arrive in a weeks time, and I will pick her up from the airport on Wednesday. There are a few things on my list I still can/need do without her, like visiting the art museum in Monterey and then we will focus on doing things we can do together. Like going kayakking, whale watching etc. Oh, and shopping (for art materials) of course :-).