maandag 22 september 2014

Moving on

The last few days in Pacific Grove have passed quickly. My sister and I went on a whale watch trip on Monday and after about 5 minutes we found a large group of whales. A group of about 20 humpback whales, not too far from shore, playing, eating, and lunge feeding (coming out of the water with their mouths open to catch the fish. It was a great trip!!!!!

On Tuesday we took a road trip south, along the Pacific Highway 1. Lots of beautiful views along the way. We saw a large group of whales from the shore, beautiful. When we came to Big Sur we had a great chocolate milkshake before heading back. We stopped for lunch at the Rocky Point restaurant. Marvelous food and views.

Wednesday it was time for our kayak trip in Monterey. We got a flattering pair of trousers and jacket and off we went. The group was not too big, Anja and myself, and a family of 4 from Australia, who lived near the sea but strangely never kayakked before. We saw sea otters, sea lions and seals and lots of birds of course. 

In the last days I worked on 2 larger paintings, both with sea otters.

And after a quiet day, we said our goodbyes to the ocean.... I am sure going to miss Pacific Grove :-(

We made the 3-hour drive to Petaluma an art orientated drive. After one hour we stopped at the Hobby Lobby, after an another hour we made a stop at Dick Blick in Berkeley and then went on to our final destination Petaluma. 

Yesterday I did some sketches with the new Tombow markers we bought, and a little sketch of the kitchen soap. Only today I did a sketch from our back porch, looking over the Sonoma hills.