zondag 14 september 2014


As from yesterday I am officially on vacation :-). No more getting up early to work a few hours in the mornings before leisure time. From now only leisure time.

Tuesday, I did some more sketching. The kelp that is washed upon the beach is beautiful. It does smell a bit... and the flies.... but does make a beautiful still life.

The scenery is changing every day. Tuesday there were many (read hundreds of...) pelicans on the Bird Rock near the Scenic Drive in Pacific Grove. 

and I took the scenic drive in Carmel. Beautiful beaches and houses... 

Then Wednesday arrived and I drove to San Francisco to pick up my sister from the airport. Luckily the flight arrived on time and on the way back she did her first purchase (LOL).

After a quiet day on Thursday, we went to the Monterey Aquarium on Friday and took a boottrip on the Elkhorn Slough yesterday. We saw many sea otters, harbor seals, sea lions and birds. We had a mainly Dutch boat, the captain came from the Netherlands, the oma, mother and daughter were from Dutch origin and us of course. It was 'gezellig'. 

A pile of sea lions 

Sea otter sketches

Today another quiet day, it is Sunday after all. The Pacific Grove triathlon in town, so we are going to take a look. Tomorrow we are going whale watching. Oooops, forgot to tell you we saw already many jumping, breaching and playing whales from the shore last Thursday.