maandag 14 september 2015

Cooling down

The wheather  has been really hot the last days and now the temperature is finally coming down. Or at least it is on its way back to normal.

In the meantime I have been busy. I visited the Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside. This was one of the biggest missions in california and it is still in use as a church and a retreat.

And I did some sketching at the beach down the road (in one of my new sketchbooks ,  I bought a small square size sketchbook and two wonderful watercolor journals ).

Yesterday  (Saturday ) I went to a meetup with the San Diego plein air painters. They were meeting at the eucalyptus foŕrest in La Jolla. Most of them paint with oils but I painted with watercolors. 

And today I meet up with the San Diego Urban Sketchers in Rancho Santa Fe. This is a lovely little town just 30  minutes away. We meet at the garden club, where at 11 an artshow started, with work from one of the regular Sketchers.  I sketched the library at the other side of the road.

And after a visit to the artshow, I joined a few Sketchers for lunch at the local bistro. The local coordinator is trying to arrange another meeting during the week. Maybe even with a visit to the zoo. I will let you know wat happens next week.