dinsdag 22 september 2015

Last week in San Diego

My last week in San Diego has started... A few more days to go before I fly home. I have really enjoyed myself, and still am, but I am alzo looking forward to go home. Unfortunately I cannot taken the nice weather with me..

First let me show you some of the seascapes I painted last week.

Friday I went to San Diego old town. The place where the first Europeans settled. It has lovely old buildings,  most of them are small museums you can visit. And lots of shops and restaurants. All Mexican. Nice to walk around, sketch and browse. 

And on Saturday I went on the weekly outing with the San Diego Urban Sketchers. To Encinitas this week. To sketch at the annual Woodie Fest. A fest with all classic cars, woodies, cars with wood. Built to transport surfboards. It was really fun,  but extremely hot and humid this Saturday. 

Sunday it was so hot, it was beter inside than outside. I did go to the Seaport Village in San Diego to look around. It is next to the water and has beautiful views. 

And today is already Monday, my last few days in San Diego. There is a storm coming our way so I drove to Balboa Park to sketch this morning. And it stayed dry all afternoon, actually it still is... I walked around, sketched the tower of the museum of man from the Alcazar garden and visited the museum. Great museum, a bit small but with lovely exhibitions of Maya's, mummies and interesting stuff on genes, dna ,  etc.
After a nice lunch I went back to La Jolla, taking the scenic drive.