zaterdag 19 oktober 2013

Card mania this week!

My mother works as a volunteer in an old people's home and they have a stash of cards which they sell to someone who needs a card (and doesn't want or cannot go out themselves to buy one). And she told me that they did not have many cards in stock at the moment. As I had some time left this week and I had just bought some lovely images on Etsy, I decide to make 'some' cards for them.... I have already done 25 and still counting ;-).

My other crafty plans for this weekend? I still need to finish 2 chunkies for the Chunky PAT on Atcsforall and I hope to find some time and inspiration to work on my Mixed media painting of the Golden Gate Bridge. It has been on my easle for a few days and I already some spots that need some work! What are you creating this weekend?