zaterdag 26 oktober 2013

San Francisco in Mixed Media WIP - continued

Time for doing some work on my Mixed Media Painting of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The painting has been resting on my easel in the living room. This way I can look at it every day and can see what still needs to be done. First, the blues from the sky needed an extra layer of paint (and glazing medium). The drips from the alcohol ink were a bit too visible to my taste. And I found the bridge needed be a bit bigger on the right side of the painting.

This is after I added a layer of blue to the sky and the water. The color is now a deep blue, while the collaged papers on the background are still visible. And I added some shades to the painting to create more depth.

After the painting was dry, I added some more collage papers. First to the pier of the bridge, and to the water and the rocks in the background. The color of the painting is more intense in real life.

I still have a few layers to go. I need to work on the reflections in the water and create more depth. But I am happy with the result so far!